About the Corporation

AccuGov, Inc. has exemplary past performance with State, Federal and Federal Prime Contractors. We distribute products and services from industry leading manufacturers with policies and procedures and checks and balances that avoid ‘follow up’.

Jim Pagluica started AccuGov, Inc. on basic essentials of answering the phone, responding in a timely manner, delivering on our promises, providing a remedy for problems immediately and paying our bills on time. We cannot help but be successful. We act immediately so that the word “followup” is nonexistent. Any vendor can take your orders, it is when there is a problem when a vendor shines.

It is all about relationship. Our goal is to engage our customers and vendors for the long term. We create business situations where all the heads are nodding in the affirmative direction and we go where there are no others.

Engage us, and we will create a compliant relationship that will last a lifetime.


About the AccuGov Brand

The mark is simply the letter “A” tilted to the right and bleeding off the circle that holds it. The “A” symbolizes three concepts (kind of like the 3 points in the “A”, or the arrow or triangle that it forms):

  1. It stands for AccuGov, Inc.
  2. It resembles an arrow that points upward and to the right, which holds positive directional meaning. It symbolizes the dedication of the Founder  and the Corporation to God, giving Him the glory for all of the growth and successes. It is the foundation in which the Corporation is built and succeeds.
  3. The symbol communicates the message “on point,” emphasizing the fact that AccuGov answers the phone, responds in a timely manner, delivers on their promises, remedies problems, and pays their bills on time.

The color blue was chosen because it communicates true contentment, inspires determination and ambition to achieve great things, and a sense of purpose in striving for goals.